Extending the Lifespan of Vital Bridge Infrastructure

GEO SEARCH proprietary GPR can scan and evaluate anomalies within bridge decks that are accurate indicators of deterioration. By proactively assessing the condition of bridge decks, the specific areas requiring maintenance can be accurately prioritized, which drives down overall costs, extends the lifespan of bridge infrastructure, and enhances public safety.


Preserving and extending the lifespan of critical infrastructure.

According to the US-FHWA National Bridge Inventory, 1 out of 3 bridges in the United States need replacement or repair, with deck replacement and repair a perennial issue.  

At traffic speeds up to 60 mph, GEO SEARCH proprietary GPR is able to scan deeply into bridge deck structures to detect patterns of underlying deterioration before they become apparent visually — including delamination and cavitation within layers of the bridge deck.

Zones of structural degradation can then be quickly prioritized for essential repairs, while areas of less immediate concern can be monitored over time.

Urgent repairs can be addressed immediately, while less urgent maintenance spending can be programmed as needed into the future, guided by reliable and accurate information.