Underground Utility Maps and 3-D Digital Twins

Over three decades of applied field research have made GEO SEARCH a global leader in realizing the goal of a true and accurate “Digital Twin” with a proven record of accomplishment and success in some of the largest and most comprehensive underground utility mapping projects in the world.

Contractors supplied with GEO SEARCH underground utility maps are able to minimize change-order requests and project delays caused by unforeseen utility conflicts.

Timeline decreased by


Costs decreased by


A tremendous return on investment


Within North America alone, utility strikes occur hundreds of thousands of times per year.  And while the direct utility repair cost is estimated to be about an average of $12,000 per incident, the actual costs associated with legal claims and liability, impact on the community, change-order charges and project delays are many times greater.

And the challenges associated with unknown utilities are multiplying.  Records are getting older, more utilities are being installed underground with often careless record-keeping, and the invaluable cadre of “institutional knowledge” staff members are retiring.

GEO SEARCH can help solve the puzzle of the underground with proprietary GPR scanning and 3-D Underground Utility Mapping capabilities.  A highly accurate Digital Twin can be created – without relying on obsolete public records or inaccurate as-built drawings.  Infrastructure location revealed within inches, down to a depth of about 6 feet – and, depending on project requirements, the data collection can be accomplished at normal traffic speeds up to 60 mph without the need for costly traffic control. 

With better utility location data, potholing becomes precise and deliberate, traffic interruptions and other community impacts are minimized, and overall costs can be dramatically reduced.

GEO SEARCH has over three decades of field-work experience, has a 90% plus market share in its home market of Japan, and has created some of the largest and most detailed Digital Twin models of underground utilities in the world.  Results have been savings of about 30% on both project timelines and costs, as verified by contracting agencies. 

Watch: Underground Utility Mapping

On Tokyo’s famed Sugamo District shopping street, an overhead utilities undergrounding project was dramatically accelerated by the highly accurate GEO SEARCH Underground Utility Maps, which shortened the project timeline about 30%, from 7 to 5 years, and similarly reduced total project costs by 30%.

Just one of dozens of projects completed and underway in the United States since GEO SEARCH established US operations in 2022, a portion of one major project is transformed from working-level project map to a 3D Digital Twin model, accurate to within inches, allowing for design-work to begin before the project breaks ground.

The Game Changer:
Speed + Precision + No Traffic Control Required.

In just 3 hours, the GEO SEARCH scanning array, traveling with traffic, at traffic speeds, was able to accurately scan 4.7 lane-miles, curb to curb, for a total project area of 308,000 sq. ft. on surface street routes with Average Daily Traffic volume of over 100,000 vehicles.

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GEO SEARCH technology
Gains the attention of the U.S. Military!

On March 8, 2023, at the U.S. Air Force Innovative Technology Contest, the Yokota Air Base team gave a presentation titled “Infrastructure in an Augmented Reality World” that leveraged their experience with our technology. More than 2,000 stakeholders participated in the contest, and out of the 235 proposals which were submitted from the U.S. Air Force operations throughout the world, the Yokota Air Base team won the prestigious title.