Resolve underground challenges with world-leading technology, continuous field research, and over three decades of successful experience with GEO SEARCH.

Game-Changing Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Technology


  • Detect hazardous under-pavement anomalies
  • Accurately map underground utilities
  • Assess condition of bridge decks

Most projects can be accomplished at normal traffic speeds up to 60 mph without costly traffic control!


Proactively detect hazards and risks

Global Pioneer and Leader in Under-Pavement Cavity Detection

Since its founding in 1989, GEO SEARCH has been the leader in Proactive Disaster Mitigation, commercializing the world’s first high-speed subsurface cavity detection system to find under-pavement anomalies before they develop into sinkholes or other disastrous pavement collapse.  

A survey of the underlying soundness and condition of any roadway is possible down to a depth of 6 feet at ambient traffic speeds up to 60 mph without traffic control.

Over the past 35 years, GEO SEARCH has identified more than 130,000 anomalies (verified as cavities) during GPR surveys of over 180,000 miles of roadway – a distance comparable to circling the earth more than seven times.

Underground Utility Maps and True 3-D Digital Twins

Records and drawings for underground utilities are often inaccurate and incomplete.

Conflicts with unknown underground utilities are the single greatest reason for costly change-orders and delays during excavation projects.

GEO SEARCH is a global leader in realizing the goal of a true and accurate “Digital Twin,” with some of the largest and most comprehensive underground utility mapping projects in the world.

GEO SEARCH underground utility maps help solve the challenges of the underground by preventing accidents, enhancing worker and community safety, and saving time and money on any complex excavation project. 

Guiding Repairs on Vital Bridge Infrastructure

Aging and deteriorating bridges are a serious concern throughout the world.

GEO SEARCH proprietary GPR can scan and evaluate anomalies and assess deterioration within bridge deck structures at ambient traffic speeds up to 60 mph without costly traffic control.

Proactive assessment of bridge decks helps prioritize and drive down maintenance costs, extends the lifespan of bridges, and enhances public safety.